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Sage Advice

“Get up early and have a plan.”
- Ange

The other night I had a conversation with Ange, one of my dearest friends. She was a mover and shaker in DC until she decided that she wanted more, left her job, and spend 6 months volunteering in one of the most needy areas of the country. Super smart, incredibly talented, and to top it off, beautiful, I’m convinced I’ll pick up Fortune one of these days and see her on the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business list.

I was whining about how I’ve felt stuck recently. After listening to me go on for a bit, she dropped the gem above on me. She mentioned that from the successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and parents she talked to one thing remained the same. That was to start the day early and with intent. This bit of wisdom resonated with me. I’ve noticed lately at work (and in life in general) that I’ve been just kind of reacting to what comes my way, letting the important fall prey to the urgent, largely due to a lack of planning.

And being a person who’s not really all that into “early,” I have noticed that when I get a jump on the day by hitting the office early, the days seem to go smoother.

So, I’ll be getting up a little earlier and having a plan of attack for my days. And hopefully that’s just what I need to help get me unstuck!

If you’d like to check out Ange’s musings and great photography, she has a semi-sometimes updated blog at “With Love From Afar”.

Make it a great week all!

  • Sage advice indeed! I need to make ‘to do lists’ for daily life not just when I’ve got events or a busy weekend to plan. I tend to go through my day going “oh yeah I should’ve done X first thing and then find a wrench gets thrown in there. Hmm, I’m off to make a to do list because so far today my intent has been to get up to make breakfast (the whole “eat a high protein breakfast within an hour of waking” theory) and here it is 2 hours later and I’ll get sucked into a Criminal Minds I’ve seen 40x and then it’ll be 10am. I have other things pending that I’m putting off…no more thanks to you!

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