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“To sweat is to pray, to make an offering of your innermost self. Sweat is holy water, prayer beads, pearls of liquid that release your past. Sweat is an ancient and universal form of self healing, whether done in the gym, the sauna, or the sweat lodge. The more you sweat, the more you pray. The more you pray, the closer you come to ecstasy.”

- Gabrielle Roth

A few weeks ago, I purchased a LivingSocial deal of six Bikram yoga classes at a local yoga studio. I’ve done a little yoga in my past and enjoyed the workout and stress relief that the classes offered. Since I ran a 10 mile race yesterday and was feeling pretty sore, I decided to use one of the classes. For anyone not familiar with Bikram, it’s a form of hot yoga. That means that the studio is heated up to 104 degrees and then you go through a 90 minute guided session.

It was pretty¬†incredible. I’ve run two marathons and done some training runs in pretty intense heat, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever sweat as much as I did durning the class. As soon as I entered the studio I felt the sweat start beading on my skin. I was early, so I ended up laying down on my yoga mat until the class started. After the first breathing exercise, the sweat started pouring out of me.

I wore a shirt to the class and after two or three poses, I had to take it off because it was soaked through.

Near the end of the class, I seriously thought that I might pass out. The very end of the class was laying still for two minutes, which was a welcome rest. I really enjoyed the experience and felt like I was floating when I left.

I hope you all have a great memorial day and an amazing week! And if there are any soldier or veterans in your life, remember to thank them for everything they’ve done fo us.

  • I’m pretty sure I could go outside today and get the same effect. Hats off to you sir, that’s one I don’t have any desire to do because this lady needs some A/C! ;) Glad you enjoyed it and have a great day off!

  • Thanks Mrs! How is life back on the mainland? Hope you’re having a great week!!!


    May 30, 2012

  • Restless! Hey, I hope you got my postcard. ;)

  • I love the quote! We don’t have that yoga here, but I’ve heard about it, sounds very interesting. All your toxins should be sweated out!!


    May 29, 2012

  • Thanks Melissa! I think all the toxins and most of whatever else held any water in me was sweated out, but it was a great experience. Looking forward to using my remaining 5 sessions. And thanks for reading!


    May 30, 2012

  • While I wasn’t doing Yoga, I think I sweat more this past weekend than I ever have before in my life. I was working on the patio and for some reason I kept finding myself working at the most intense heat of the day 2 of the days of this holiday weekend. It’s true though that you feel better after getting rid of all that sweat. A nice refreshing shower brings you back to life and you can feel good about the hard work you’ve done.

    The Mr

    May 30, 2012

  • Absolutely Mr!, nothing makes me feel quite as good as the satisfaction of exhaustion!


    May 30, 2012

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